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The future Community Center of Holy Cross Orthodox Church in San Jose

Our center is a long-held dream. For fifeteen years, we had no indoor room for church meals - even in the rain. We had no place to cook, no place for our baptisms, no place to teach children and no place to learn. We have had no building for our community events but - after all this time - we are still together!

Our priest's tiny old residence hosted choirs, pilgrims, nuns and monks and even people who lost their homes.

By the grace of God, we finally started planning a center where our families - and our big family of Romanians and Orthodox from the South Bay - will have a space to call their own.  A space for weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, picnics and community meals, concerts, Christmas carrols, exhibits, and other special events. Also a place for our priest, his family and the church guests.

Most importantly, our next generation will have a space to grow and continue our traditions - through religious catechism, Romanian language classes, Christmas song recitals, or just a place to play.

Thus, we submitted to the city the plans for for:
  • A 5,507 sq.ft. 2 story building  
  • 130-person capacity 1st floor space for the above mentioned uses
  • 29 parkings stalls
  • Kids playground
  • 6ft high protective fence and gated driveway
  • 2nd floor uses: library/cultural center, priest residence and office. 

The building will include a commercial-size kitchen, which will help parish volunteers as they prepare not only church’s events, but food for the community. In the past, we tried to help with small amounts of food homeless people from Bay Area that were struggling during the pandemic.  With our new space, we will be able to expand our charitable work.

So, this is a time of giving gratitude to all those who have helped us kick in this amazing and ambitious project! Much sacrifice and tireless hard work by many has transpired. First, by Father Florin and Constantin - without whom this entire project would not be possible. Second, to Mircea Voskerician and Ioan (Nelu) Moldovan, the project managers and members of our building committee. Third,  to the priests' wives and their families, as well as the Ladies' Reunion/Auxiliary group who worked tiresly - over many years - for our fundraising events.  Last but not least, to our donors who selflessly gave their support over the years. The community owes them a great debt of gratitude for their unwavering and selfless service!

However, this is a time of trials and great effort. We need your help making this project become a reality. Please donate generously!

  • Become a monthly contributor.
  • Make a gift in honor or memory of someone who passed away.
  • Make a gift in celebration of an event or occasion.
  • Give a donation of supplies, services, or equipment.

If you have any questions about how to make a difference, please write or visit us!

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